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Year 6 Auditions


Den Building Day- OPAL Play

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Well done Year 6.

Well done to you all for your effort, resilience and dedication over the last few months.

Mrs Gray and Miss Scott


Year 6 Enterprise- The Big Reveal!

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Thank you for all of your help and support for our fundraising efforts this year.

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Safety Carousel

Did you know that it only takes 50 volts to kill someone and that electricity jumps? Well not a lot of people know these facts. Some silly children climb up pilons and throw things at wires or anything electrical just to prove how big they are. Unfortunately some people still do this and still end up dead because of this. Another fact is that some people put theirs and other people’s lives at risk by stealing copper but it is really pointless as copper is no use and it is really expensive. So we advise you to never do this.

Safety carousel

Yesterday we learned alot, things like
how electricity can JUMP!!! or how if some body is drowning you can help them by calling 999 and getting them to swim to you and to use 100% concentrate when diving a car and crossing the road and the hairs on he back of your hand are useful for testing how hot the door is to check if there’s a fire behind it if your house is on fire. But I know on thing “get out, stay out and call 999!”bonfire2

Safety carousel

Electricity is very dangerous especially to little children, it can stop your heartbeat within 50 vaults. There are many cables around the world and each one is very dangerous and can kill you easily. Electricity can jump. Be CAREFUL!

Safety carousel

What we learnt yesterday,

If your ever on fire you must not panic you should stop running, drop on the floor then role across the floor and that will help you survive through the fire.
If your house is on fire and your trapped in your room you must throw lots of soft things out of your window and then you should jump out the window on to the objects. If your ever in danger or there is a serious emergency you must call 999!!! You should also check your smoke alarms weekly. Make sure you don’t leave your laptop on your bed otherwise it will cause serious harm.

If you play near a electric factory and you play football if the ball goes over the fence you don’t leave the ball you should call the number on the gate but don’t be scared you won’t be in trouble we will just get it for you. Never climb up pylons because electric does jump and you may die!!! Don’t ever run into a electric factory even if your faverate ball is in there but don’t leave in case a not her child runs in for it. Remember stay alive,stay safe.

Stay safe online. Make sure you make your profiles private. Never put personal information online for the hole world to see. If someone is harassing you or is pretending to be someone there not,you must tell someone about it. Don’t ignor the fact that someone is trying to harm you you should call 999 or tell your parents . Try anything to stay safe online.


Don’t climb up pylons!

Electricity Pylons

Pylons are extreamly dangerous and contain 25,000 volts regularly, that could kill you 500 times over. We know this because it takes 50 volts to kill us. Also electric can jump so you don’t need to touch them for them to be able to kill you.


Safety Carousel

The internet is a very dangerous place.Yesterday we discovered many things but the thing that stood out to the most was Internet safety.

You can make your account private so that only your real friends can see your personal things.

People think that just because you are on the Internet you can’t be hurt.

You should not meet up with anyone you do not know because they are not always who they say they are.

Do not give people your personal information such as your phone number or email address.

Secure Cloud Computing